"You have been a delight to work with and the book is a wonderful tribute to a life well lived. It is very much appreciated! Thanks, you are the best!!" 
- Kathleen C.
About Janet
My strength as a ghostwriter is not only in the written word, but also in enjoying people and their stories. As a psychotherapist, I had the privilege of being allowed into other's confidence and intimate conversations. As a ghostwriter, I utilize my honed skills to understand the vision a client wants to share and the goal they hope to achieve. Whether an entrepreneur wanting to write the next bestseller or a son or daughter wanting to capture their parents' romance of fifty years, I'm honored to be part of it.

I earned an M.A. in Counseling Psychology and spent twenty-one years in the mental health field before launching a full-time writing career. Early articles appeared in local, regional, and online publications, until I focused on work-for-hire history and ghostwriting projects. I've also crafted a historical novel, and while seeking representation, have started a second piece of historical fiction.

As you may have guessed, I'm a history buff. I'm the type to linger over exhibit labels, and have had the pleasure to research and write extensively for my local historical society and museum. Loving local history, I'm also a member of the Historical Society of Michigan and Michigan Women Forward Herstory

I'm a native of Michigan, and I currently live in the Ann Arbor area with my husband, two children, and mischievous, but adored Black Lab. I'm a life-long Detroit Lions fan, and absolutely believe one day I'll be dancing in the streets, celebrating a Lions Superbowl win. It will happen. Someday. And I'll be there to capture the history. 

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