Corporate Histories
A corporate history highlights the hard work and values your company was founded on, while showcasing its achievements and growth. Additionally, it's an effective marketing tool as it strengthens your brand with customers and suppliers. As a matter of fact, a corporate history has many potential benefits for your company or organization. It can:

- Celebrate a milestone achievement or anniversary

- Express appreciation to a retiring founder

- Increase awareness of your business and brand

- Help raise money from donors

- Connect with your community

- Enhance employee, stakeholder, and client relations

- Ensure your history is passed down through the generations

A corporate history is more than just a summary or timeline of your company's past. Janet will create a vivid, engaging story that pays homage to your history, even as she strikes a positive outlook for the future of your company.

"History never looks like history when you are living through it.” - John W. Gardner

Corporate History Services

Using her acute interviewing skills, Janet will guide you through the process of sharing key values, achievements, and memories that highlight your story. She works with you to create a narrative that speaks to the heart of your company's brand and the story you want remembered.

Collaborating with a graphic designer, Janet can offer you full service to see your project to completion.

- Authoritative book - varying from 25-pages to full book-length

- Brief history - typically less than 25-pages

- Coffee table book - a photographic essay (Put stories to your archive of old photos)

- History brochure - great for marketing your company

- Website copy - enhance your web presence with your company's journey

- Consultation - working with a designated employee to assist in research, writing, and/or editing

To discuss how Janet can help you capture your company's history, contact her for a free consultation.