"It took me some time to decide to do it, and it was more expensive than I thought it would be, but I'm proud of the book. I hope it means something to others as they read my story."
- Bill B.
Achieve your dream of becoming an author

Many successful people would like to author a book to grow their existing business, elevate themselves as an authority in a field, launch a speaking career, or inspire a specific audience.

However, because they are successful, they often don't have the amount of time required to write a book and/or they recognize their limitations as writers. Choosing to hire a ghostwriter is the answer.

I bring decades of experience in asking the right questions, listening skillfully, and communicating effectively. I'm a writer with published credits and a ghostwriter of multiple personal, family, and company histories. I've even ghostwritten for a well-regarded ghostwriter.

Beyond memoirs, biographies, and business-related books, I spent twenty years in the mental health field and understand how to write for the audiences interested in psychology, self-help, inspiration, recovery, and other genres. 

Work directly with me

Unlike some ghostwriting agencies, I'll not only meet you, but conduct all interviews, necessary research, and then write you drafts. If you have questions about your book, you'll contact me directly, not a project manager who will have to make you wait while he/she finds out the answer from the ghostwriter working on your manuscript.

Your book is personal to you, and personal service is important to me. Your vision for your book will become my vision for the book. I'll be right be your side, whether in person or via phone and electronic communication as you take the journey to see your story in print.

Writing the book yourself

Depending on your skills and time, you may decide to write the book yourself or have an employee or friend help you with it. These are viable options, but a few words of caution. Self-publishing has given the illusion that anyone can pen a book. The fact is that anyone can be published today, but it still holds true that not everyone can write well. 

A ghostwriter is a skilled wordsmith who captures the author's voice, as well as the tone and style desired, all while meeting the goals and expectations of the author. And, ghostwriting ensures your book gets done. You hire a ghostwriter for one specific purpose--to write your book. 

When you collaborate with me, you'll have a quality narrative that you can feel proud to put your name on. As a professional writer, I understand story structure, pacing, character development, and grammar. As a ghostwriter, I understand the elements of voice, tone, and style. I also make sure that it's you who comes through in your book, not me. 

Ghostwriting process

I offer a free, 30-minute initial consultation to discuss your project, which may be in person or by phone or video call. During the meeting, we'll discuss the overall goal and scope of your project, as well as get a sense if we will work well together. Afterward, I'll provide you with a project bid and client agreement.

Once we agree to collaborate, I'll spend 10-15 hours in interviews with you and/or other principals, as well as time gathering research. We'll discuss a general outline for the book, and then I'll write a chapter or two for your review of tone and style. After approval, I'll sit down and write a first draft of your manuscript, which upon completion will be provided for your review. The first draft typically leads to another 4-5 hours of interviews or research to fill in missing gaps. I'll complete a second draft, which I'll provide to you for close review again. One further round of revisions is included in the quoted fee, before presenting the final draft of your manuscript. The typical time frame for a 250-page/75,000-word book is nine months, which is greatly dependent on how readily we conclude interviews, research, and revisions. 

Before we end our work together, I'll guide you with information about next steps in traditional and/or self-publishing. 

Ready to fulfill your dream? Contact me.