"Thanks so much for your wonderful work on the history of our organization! Your work is accurate, lovely and provides us with a true accounting of our journey. You are such a pleasure to work with that we hope to have more projects for you in the future."  - Alex M.
Corporate History
A corporate history highlights the hard work and values your company was founded on, while showcasing its achievements and growth. It's more than just a summary or timeline. A corporate history engages through narratives and pays homage to your past, while strengthening your brand and striking a positive outlook for the future.

Celebrate a milestone anniversary, honor founders, and connect with your community by creating a thoughtful corporate history. Benefits include an increase in your company and brand awareness; enhancement of employee, stakeholder, and client relations; and ensuring an accurate account of your history is passed down through the generations. 

Life Story
Commemorate a life lived, because everyone has a story worth sharing. A thoughtful narrative allows you to reflect on the richness of your life as well as its achievements, challenges, and lessons learned. Preserve your stories for future generations and give the greatest gift you can leave loved ones. 

Whether an overview of your life or focused on a specific event, era, or moment in it, the legacy you leave behind is up to you. I'll work with your and your budget to capture what you most want to share, and together, we'll honor history with your life story.

Family History
Like an individual life story, a family history imparts a lasting legacy for generations to come. Bring your family tree to life with meaningful stories and memories from loved ones. Don't regret not taking the time to interview your parents and grandparents about their lives, their long ago memories of childhood, or about ancestors who came before. It's easy to put off and may quickly become too late.

Let me help you create a tribute book to honor a milestone anniversary, birthday, or graduation. Or to utilize your boxes of vintage photographs to design a book with in-depth captions and family stories. Or produce a cookbook from favorite family recipes that also contains memories that accompany those beloved recipes. We can even collaborate with a genealogist to create a comprehensive family tree and history.

The Process
Using my astute interviewing skills, I'll guide you or the designated interviewees through sharing key values, achievements, challenges, and memories that highlight the story to be captured. After a free 30-minute consultation, we'll decide on the number of interview hours that will allow me to create a narrative that speaks to the heart of the story you want remembered. After which, I provide a bid and client agreement.   

Once we agree to collaborate, we'll spend our hours in conversation and the I'll transcribe those recordings into a clear, thoughtful manuscript. You'll have an opportunity for two rounds of revision before I present a final draft. I'll also collect photographs for digitizing and inclusion in your history project. 

Choices in the end product are varied, but most often, I work with a graphic designer to produce an attractively bound book. Another popular option is to provide your corporate, personal, or family history as a simple digital (MS Word) document, which allows you greater flexibility in how to assemble and distribute it. 

Other unique projects might involve shorter narratives for "about," "bio," and "history" pages for company and family websites, a personal letter to be placed with your legal will and documents, or brochures and pamphlets that highlight success and longevity. 

Simply put, I first understand your vision, and then accommodate your needs, skills, and budget. It's your story and you decide on the piece you want to leave future generations. 

Ready to honor history with your story? Contact me.